Dear Doctor

Dear Medical Professional,

You will ask about his medical history,
And I will repeat the story I have told 100 times or more,
The details fine tuned to the essentials I know you need:
He was born full term,
He has a 7 year old brother who is fit and well,
He is allergic to penicillin. 

You will ask me what happened,
And I will answer:
He is 6 years old.
He wasn't breathing for 7 minutes.
I gave him mouth to mouth.

I will hand over a careful typed piece of A4 paper.
It will tell you his hospital number,
The things he is allergic to,
A list of medications and doses.
You will take it and smile.
You'll tell me I make your job easier.

I will stand calm,
And in control.  You see my demeanour,
my hospital bags packed and ready,
And you say,
You've done this before.
I'll nod and say many times.

But remember this; That 6 year old is my baby.

That boy with the oxygen,
And the wires,
And the tubes,
Is my son.

I watched him turn blue. The first time,
The fifth time,
The hundred and fifty fifth time...
It was still …


I have a son.
He can't walk.
And I don't know why.

He is five years old.
He can't sit up.
And I don't know why.

His name is Hugh.
He can't talk.
I don't know why.

His hair is dark.
He can't eat.
And I don't why.

His eyes are brown.
He can barely see.
And I don't know why.

He smiles a lot.
He forgets to breathe.
I don't know why.

Hugh is happy; he smiles and laughs all the time.  He loves being outside in the wind and listening to music and singing.  He likes little tastes of chocolate and he loves his big brother Sean.

He is profoundly disabled.

I don't know why.
The Doctors don't know why.

Hugh is undiagnosed.


  1. Have you heard about Bohring-Opitz Syndrome? Please feel free to ask questions.

    1. Thank you I will certainly take a look and find out more

  2. This is such a powerful post for Undiagnosed CHildren's Day. It shows the challenges and yet the immense love that your son brings, that every child has such value. Thank you for linking to #SENDBritmums.

    1. Thanks Hayley - I appreciate you taking the time to comment xxx


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