Meet The Family

"Mmmm, must be wine-o'clock again!"

Me: Little Mama Murphy- short-arsed, bespectacled, with hair that has varied through the years from long, curly and red to short straight and blonde and anything in-between (including a disastrous pink accident and a dodgy black ‘goth’ look!). Rather fond of a glass of wine or three.

Married to: Mr. M - sturdy, dependable and tall (I come up to just about his shoulders).

Mum to (or Mama as Sean used to call me, hence the name): 
Sean - a cheeky, chatterbox, VERY strong willed (otherwise known as a stubborn little sh*t) and a wonderful kind and caring big brother to... 
Little Hugh- my beautiful smiley boy with no end of complicated medical difficulties, keeping all the doctors on their toes, turning his dad and me grey with worry and the reason I started this blog.

Mostly this is me, rambling about family life with a ‘medical mystery’, an undiagnosed child, stressing about coming to terms with that (or not as the case may be) and pretty much pouring out all the thoughts and feelings that are bubbling around in my head.  I’m basically using the Internet as free counselling! So far it seems to be working as I haven’t had a nervous breakdown. Yet!