The life I never expected

Way back... Way back when... Way back when I didn't know how disabled Hugh was or would be... Way back when I didn't realise how destructive his seizures were... Way back when I thought the doctors could fix things... I thought,  I thought that once we'd sorted the epilepsy everything would be better, I thought that once we'd sorted the epilepsy I'd have to struggle to come to terms with having a child that needed to go to special school.
I didn't expect to have to come to terms with having a child that would be unlikely to live past his teenage years.
I didn't expect to come to terms with having a son that hardly knew I existed.
I didn't expect that, even once the terrible times had past, the devastating consequences would remain.
Hugh's epilepsy has robbed him of a future. Hugh's epilepsy has robbed us of the child he might have been.
His really bad seizures are less often than they used to be, And for that I am grateful, But they cast a long shadow, And I ne…

Vote for SWAN UK

This is a 'begging for votes' kind of post.  Here's what I'd like you to do ...

  • You can read the information on SWAN UK below.  
  • You can read my previous posts on how AMAZING they are here and here.  
  • You can skip to the FAB videos at the bottom.  
  • You can read all the other posts in the Linky that will tell you how amazing SWAN UK is and urge you to vote.  
But whether you do all, none or some of these things... make sure you do this one thing... VOTE for SWAN UK in the #NationalLotteryAwards - and tell all your friends to do so too.  

It takes less than a minute and the link is here: 

Go on, do it now! :D

Here's WHAT you're voting for... 

The National Lottery Awards are an annual search to find the UK's favourite Lottery-funded projects. 49 Lottery-funded projects have now reached the finals of The National Lottery Awards 2013 in the seven categories: Sport; Heritage; Arts; Environment; Health; Education; and Voluntary/Charity. Each of the finalists is now in with the chance of appearing on a BBC One show and winning £2,000 prize money. 

Mylene Klass can tell you more here :

And here's WHY you're voting for SWAN UK ...

SWAN UK offers life-changing support to the families of disabled children with undiagnosed genetic conditions. 

It is believed that doctors are unable to identify the genetic syndrome or condition affecting up to fifty percent of children with learning disabilities.  Without a diagnosis, parents can be left without answers to soul searching questions and feel like their children don’t ‘fit in’.  Many worry about having more children and the same thing happening again. 
SWAN UK has received more than £300,000 of National Lottery funding to provide information and support to families.  This has helped to develop a network of professionals with expertise in undiagnosed genetic conditions.  This expertise is shared via social media, its dedicated website, a series of leaflets and social events arranged by SWAN UK for families. 
(Information on SWAN UK taken from here).

Want to hear some family stories and watch videos of cute kids?

Here you go then...

And as if all that was't enough, you'll find a few more reasons in the other posts in this 'Linky' ..

Thanks in advance for your votes xxx