Accepting My Child Will Never Walk

I remember reading, a few years back, about someone with cancer feeling inadequate because they weren't running marathons or raising millions of pounds for charity. They were 'just', you know, getting on, turning up for chemo, hoping for the best. I've read too about people who've become depressed (understandably) as the cancer has taken hold; felt like giving up. But those aren't the stories that make the papers; people don't want to read about that. They want INSPIRATION. Defying the odds... That kind of thing. Not just ... Well you know ... The everyday kind of suffering.  
I wondered how it would feel to have cancer and read about the people running 26 miles when you're barely fit to get to the end of your bed. Do you think 'fair play', or do you feel guilty, or unworthy, or maybe that you're just not trying hard enough?
Mind over matter and all that!
Hugh's undiagnosed condition has left his muscles very floppy. He can't walk or si…

Labels labels everywhere

Low fat.
Keep shut.
This way up.

Press here.
Give way.
50 kcals.
For sale.

New and improved.
Wide load.
Contains nuts.
Road closed.

Labels to inform and labels to warn.
Labels to entice and labels to advise.
Labels to categorise and group with the same,
Labels to classify and to explain.

Profoundly disabled.

Life limited.

Labels labels everywhere.


  1. A tag for H, gorgeous. A badge for you, courageous. A title for all of you, The Incredibles x

  2. Very moving and profound. Did you write it?
    (SEN Editor for Britmums)

    ps... you have Captcha enabled :/

  3. The Incredibles!!! Cheers Areyoukiddingney - I love it!

    Hayley - thanks, yes, I did write it. Not sure about Captcha enabled - isn't it a handy (albeit irritating) way of stopping spammers. Hadn't really looked in to alternatives.


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